But always understand that everything, everything ends


Eleonora. 26. Italian.

Anxious. Bittersweet. Boring. Crazy. Cynical. Dreamer. Emotional. Exuberant. Insatiable. Insecure. Ironical. Kind-hearted. Lazy. Modest. Openminded. Patient. Pessimist. Quiet. Romantic. Serious. Shy. Spontaneous. Superficial. Touchy. Unsettled. Weird. Wise.

Music. Web graphic. Herself (but just a little). Tv shows. Sweets. Shopping. Big cities. Growing up. Travelling. Singing. Writing. Reading. English. Literature. Fanfictions. Quotes. Having dinner with her friends. Nail polishes. Photoshop. MSN. Holidays. Her little sis♥ - and her big one. Jaffa Cakes. Family reunions. Roma. Trieste. Reviewing. Summer rain. Winter sun. The Sims. Her iPod. RPGs. Livejournal. Social networks.

School. Herself (but just a little). Reality shows. Falsity. Pimples. Hypocrisy. Homeworks on holiday. Politics. Competitions. Being interrupted. iTunes. Maths. Her former Maths teacher. Being woken up by the phone ringing.

books from boxes.
we can beat the sun as long as we keep moving


~The Izzie to my George~
~The Chris Pine to my Zachary Quinto~
~The Tonks to my Lupin~
~The KStew to my RPattz~
~The Sam to my Dean~
~The Emilie DeRavin to my RPattz~
~The Juliet to my Jack~
~The Vanessa to my Dan~
~The Peyton to my Brooke~
~The Edward to my Bella~
~The Kristen Bell to my Zachary Quinto~
~The Leighton Meester to my Jessica Szohr~
~The Elle to my Spock~
~The winter sun to my summer rain~
~The Jared Padalecki to my Jensen Ackles~
~The Violet to my Cooper~
~The vodka to my Grahamness~


Ships: Jim/Lee; Harvey/Fish; Nygma/Penguin.
Favourite character: Jim.

Ships: Matt/Claire; Matt/Karen; Foggy/Karen
Favourite character: Matt.

The Walking Dead
Ships: Rick/Michonne; Maggie/Glenn.
Favourite character: Carol.

A Song Of Ice And Fire
Ships: Jon/Danaerys; Lyanna/Rhaegar.
Favourite characters: Tyrion; Arya; Jon; Sansa.

Downton Abbey
Ships: Mary/Matthew; Mary/Charles; Sybil/Tom; Anna/Mr. Bates.
Favourite characters: Matthew; Tom; Anna.

Once Upon A Time
Ships: Emma/Killian; Emma/August; Regina/Robin.
Favourite characters: Emma; Regina.

OTP: Jack/Kate. Ships: Juliet/Sawyer. Juliet/Jack. Jack/Sawyer. Charlie/Claire. Desmond/Penny. Dan/Charlotte.
Favourite character: Jack Shephard.

The O.C.
Ships: Ryan/Marissa; Seth/Anna.
Favourite character: Ryan Atwood Cohen.

Harry Potter
Ships: Harry/Draco; Ron/Hermione. Remus/Tonks. Remus/Sirius. Lily/Sirius. Albus Severus/Scorpius Hyperion.
Favourite character: Ronald Weasley.

The Vampire Diaries
OTP: Stefan/Elena. Ships: Damon/Elena. Caroline/Tyler. Alaric/Jenna. Alaric/Jo. Damon/Katherine. Tyler/Jeremy. Vicky/Jeremy.
Favourite character: Stefan Salvatore.

The Originals
OTPs: Klaus/Camille; Elijah/Hayley. Ships: Rebekah/Marcel; witch!Kol/Davina.
Favourite character: Elijah Mikaelson.

How I Met Your Mother
OTP: Ted/Robin. Ships: Barney/Robin; Lily/Marshall.
Favourite character: Barney Stinson.

Agents of SHIELD
OTP: Fitz/Simmons. Ships: Phil/Melinda; Skye/Ward.
Favourite characters: Bobbi Morse; Jemma Simmons; Leo Fitz.

Prison Break
OTP: Michael/Sara. Ships: Lincoln/Mahone. Lincoln/Gretchen.
Favourite character: Michael Scofield.

Veronica Mars
Ships: Veronica/Piz; Veronica/Logan. Mac/Dick.
Favourite character: Veronica Mars.

One Tree Hill
Ships: Lucas/Peyton; Haley/Nathan. Brooke/Julian. Clay/Quinn. Mia/Chase. Peyton/Jake. Brooke/Owen.
Favourite character: Peyton Sawyer.

Ships: Jake/Heather; Mimi/Stanley.
Favourite character: Heather Graham.

Private Practice
OTP: Cooper/Charlotte. Ships: Naomi/Fife; Sam/Addison. Violet/Cooper. Addison/Noah. Addison/Pete. Sam/Naomi.
Favourite character: Violet Turner.

OTP: Sylar/Elle. Ships: Noah/Tracy. Noah/Lauren. Nathan/Tracy. Adam/Peter. Charlie/Hiro. Caitlin/Peter. Matt/Daphne. Sylar/Maya. Mohinder/Maya. Claire/West. Nathan/Niki.
Favourite character: Elle Bishop.

Pirates Of The Caribbean
OTP: Will/Elizabeth;
Favourite character: Captain Jack Sparrow.

Grey's Anatomy
OTPs: Christina/Owen; Derek/Meredith; Izzie/Denny. Ships: Izzie/Alex. Mark/Lexie. Callie/Arizona. George/Lexie. Mark/Addison. Alex/Addison.
Favourite character: George O'Malley.

Ships: Emily/Naomi; Tony/Maxxie. Josh/Michelle. Tony/Michelle. Pandora/Thomas. Freddie/Effy. Freddie/Cook.
Favourite character: Freddie McLair.

House M.D.
Ships: Cuddy/House; 13/Chase. Cameron/Chase. House/Wilson. Lucas/Cuddy
Favourite character: Robert Chase.

Kushiel's Legacy
Ships: Phèdre/Joscelin; Phèdre/Hyacynthe. Alcuin/Anafiel. Hyacynthe/Moiread.
Favourite character: Joscelin Verreil.

Kyle XY
Ships: Lori/Declan; Kyle/Amanda. Andy/Josh. Tom/Emily. Cassidy/Jesse. Lori/Mark.
Favourite character: Kyle (huge crush on Cassidy though).

Doctor Who
Ships: Eleven/Amy; Amy/Rory. Ten/Donna. Nine/Rose. Alt!Ten/Rose.
Favourite character: Eleven.

Ships: Tosh/Owen; Jack/Ianto. Gwen/Rhys. Gwen/Jack. Jack/Martha. Owen/Diane.
Favourite character: Owen Harper.

Gossip Girl
Ships: Chuck/Blair. Dan/Serena. Serena/Carter. Rufus/Lily. Chuck/Dan. Nate/Vanessa. Chuck/Vanessa.
Favourite character: Chuck Bass.

Ships: Dean/Castiel; Dean/Sam. Sam/S3!Ruby. Dean/John. John/Mary.
Favourite character: Dean Winchester.

Star Trek
Ships: Spock/Kirk; Spock/Uhura.
Favourite character: James Kirk.

The Tudors
Ships: Henry/Anne; Henry/Jane. Henry/Charles.
Favourite character: Henry VIII.

Ships: Rachel/Finn; Will/Emma. Quinn/Puck.
Favourite character: Will Schuester.

Ships: Merlin/Arthur; Merlin/Morgana.
Favourite character: Merlin.

The Big Bang Theory
Ships: Leonard/Penny; Amy/Sheldon.
Favourite character: Sheldon Cooper.

Band of Brothers
Ships: Winters/Nixon.
Favourite characters: Lt. Winters, Albert Blithe, Eugene Roe, Bill Guarnere.

Romanzo Criminale
Ships: Dandi/Patrizia. Scialoja/Patrizia. Freddo/Libanese. Freddo/Roberta.
Favourite characters: Freddo.

Ships: Tai/Sora; Tai/Matt. Davis/Willis. Davis/Kari.
Favourite character: Matt.

Ships: Michael Scofield/Kate Austen; Spock/Elle Bishop. Dean Winchester/Brooke Davis.

Ships: Zachary Quinto/Kristen Bell; Matthew Fox/Evangeline Lilly. Josh Holloway/Evangeline Lilly. Jenna Dewan/Channing Tatum. Briana Evigan/Robert Hoffman. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers/Henry Cavill. Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles. Jared Padalecki/Katie Cassidy. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers/Keri Russell. Penn Badgley/Blake Lively. Ed Westwick/Jessica Sozhr. Leighton Meester/Sebastian Stan. Leighton Meester/Gabe Saporta. Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart. Taylor Lautner/Kristen Stewart. Ashley Greene/Kellan Lutz. Peter Facinelli/Elizabeth Reaser. Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross. Ian Somerhalder/Evangeline Lilly. Ian Somerhalder/Nina Dobrev.

JR Moehringer. Alessandro Baricco. George R.R. Martin. Stefano Benni. Julian Barnes. Alice Munro. Thomas Brüssig. Nick Hornby. Kazuo Ishiguro. Margaret Atwood.

Baz Luhrmann. Eric Kripke. J.J. Abrams. Tim Burton. Giuseppe Tornatore. Quentin Tarantino. Christopher Nolan. Woody Allen.

The Fray. Daughtry. OneRepublic. Justin Timberlake. Nickelback. Within Temptation. Sum 41. Rihanna. Timbaland. Greg Laswell. Mika. Paramore. Three Days Grace. Kate Voegele. Linkin Park. Panic At The Disco. Three Doors Down. Snow Patrol. Muse. Coldplay. Matthew Perryman Jones. Tyrone Wells. Florence + the Machine. Robyn. Mumford + Sons. Adele.

*tv shows

Downton Abbey (V). Supernatural (X). Gotham (II). Once Upon A Time (V). The Originals (III). Agents of SHIELD (III).

Want to watch
Game of Thrones (VI). Homeland. DW: Curse of Fatal Death. The Tudors . Chuck (I,II). Legend of the Seeker (I). Desperate Housewives. Merlin. Death Note. His and Her Circumstances. Romanzo Criminale (I,II). Rayearth. Il mistero della pietra azzurra. Nana. Arrow. Sense8.

The legend of 1900. August Rush. Inside Out. Easy A. Love and Other Drugs. Everything is illuminated. Inception. The Avengers. X-Men. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Moulin Rouge. Batman (the Nolan trilogy). The Help. Interstellar. This must be the place. Almanya. Pirates of the Caribbean. Romeo + Juliet. Serendipity. The Lord of the Rings. The Day after Tomorrow. Step Up 1&2. A walk to remember. Dead Poets Society. Unglorious Basterds.

The tender bar. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Harry Potter. Hunger Games. Jack Frusciante has quit the group. The Time Traveler's Wife. One Day. The Great Gatsby. A Song of Ice and Fire. The Book Thief. High Fidelity. Watchmen.