09. Mind the gap

Hi everyone! I am back from London. I understand I didn't remind any of you of my imminent holiday, but hey, it's like I am on hiatus all the time, and I figured I didn't have to warn you :D Anyway, we are back safe and sound and most of all happy. We planned the trip carefully and it turned out great, exception made for one full day of heavy rain, but hey, it's London! For those of you who would like to take a look at the pictures I took, I should redirect you to my Instagram account, because I love the app's new functionality of multiple selection and I decided to use it during the holiday in the form of a travel diary. It was fun to do and I guess it is fun to see as well. Also, if we haven't added each other on Instagram yet, this could be a chance for us to do that.

My favorite place was and still is Covent Garden: I bought candies for a friend of mine, a Jane Austen illustrated book for my sister, a teapot for my mum... I really think they will like their gifts!

I haven't got any significant updates on the TV show side. I still can't believe that The Vampire Diaries is ending on Saturday. I know I have complained about the show several times over the years, but I still grew up with it, it was like one of the first TV shows I started watching. Also, I can't remember if I told you I started Mr. Robot? I wasn't sure I'd like it but it turned out I love it and as soon as I finished the first season I went back and re-started it (those of you who watched it, you know why; those of you who didn't, do watch it!)

Because of the trip to London I didn't get to make any progress on my movie watchlist either. I am still planning on watching Moonlight as a top priority, and The light between oceans follows right after. Anyways, sometimes my boyfriend corrupts me into watching movies I have already watched LOL thus wasting a night I could have spent checking out a new movie...but last time it was to see Inglorious basterds, so it was totally worth it.

Last night I watched Logan!
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I want to express my deepest sympathy and affection to my German friends who must be living with particular dread and anxiety these moments, just as we have lived the past days of horror in France and in other parts of the world. I want you to feel my love as fellow citizen of this Europe that unveils its sickness more and more, day by day.

Chances are this is not directly linked to IS. What's sure is that terrorists are deploying and exploiting desperate people who are finding more and more ways to harm innocent people because they think this somehow justifies whatever injustice they have suffered in their life...

It is useless by now to say that we must not live in fear, because we do already. All we can do is to stay strong and close to each other, no matter what our ethnicity or our religion.
All we can do is to not let any Brexits or Trumps or Turkish dictators or fascist politicians or terrorists tear us apart. I wish most people understood that and worked towards that goal, however I see only distruction and self-interest and backs turned on people all around.

I am Italian but I won't forget I am also a European citizen as well as a citizen of the world.

yeah, waiting sucks

How much am I fond of studying today? Less than zero. I can't take this anymore. These 3 weeks of study and nothing else have been killing me. Luckily I'm gonna enjoy a full week of holidays after 01/31 before classes start again, and then 02/20-23 London!!!!! (Heavy picspam incoming after that, wait for it)

Today I bring you a Neon Trees - Animal vid, saw them on MTV push, I really like em!
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And happy brithday to my dear friend xrevontulix! Hope a great year starts for you today, wish you a great success (which of course you will have) at your final exams and an awesome finally-free-from-high-school life after that :D ♥ (hopefully we'll see each other in Forlì?)

And now MEMEEEEE (be patient, we're at day 19, only 10 more or so and we're done :P)

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Enjoying the Official Rihanna songs Top 20 while waiting for a friend to come over; we're going to the movies tonight ;) (i've just realised how much I find Rihanna to be attractive! I feel like a man right now lol)

And while we're at it, have you heard that Within Temptation's new single's out? Check it out here

I find myself craving for summer lately o.o I've never been so attached to summer before, I used to like spring but then the hotness and stickiness of summer would make me want it to be September asap...and now here I am, dreaming of beaches, holidays abroad and above all DAYS of sleep :P Do you guys have already made plans for your summer holidays?

Oh, and happy birthday to definitelyalie for today!!! :) xxx

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Aber das Spiel hat ganz bestimmte Regeln.

I'm such a bad, bad girl. I studied hard yesterday only to end up not doing anything useful today. Cause really I've been surfing the Internet - and Lj, enjoying your wonderful entries :) - since I woke up this morning and done NOTHING for the German exam of next week.
And being stuck on Restaurant City (which is my second current obsession atm) certainly doesn't help.

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How many of you have noticed how people on our f-lists have been posting less and less entries lately or have even abandoned Livejournal?
This is a chance for 'survivors' to stick together and show their love for LJ... which is all about friendship! ♥