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scrapbook post;

Think about the year that has passed. All the memories, the entries and posts that made the year special. Think about all your past layouts, default icons, mood themes. How about all those conversations you had via comments, or the huge post in ONTD that you spent all night commenting on. The 2009 Scrapbook Post is a way to help you remember all of that, in a single post.

Sylar/Elle | by dhfreak | 01.01.09 ~ 26.01.09

Effy/Cook | by findmyway | 26.01.09 ~ 14.02.09

Freddie/Cook | by matricons | 14.02.09 ~ 05.04.09

Emily/Naomi | by eleblack | 05.04.09 ~ 02.05.09

Sylar/Elle | by padabee | 02.05.09 ~ 01.06.09

Jack/Kate | by hurtillusions | 01.06.09 ~ 01.07.09

Zachary Quinto | by matricons | 01.07.09 ~ 23.07.09

Dean/Castiel | by ilovedrwilson | 23.07.09 ~ 16.09.09

Castiel | by sterni75 | 16.09.09 ~ 31.12.09

HIMYM cast | by ch4ndler | 31.12.09 ~ ??.??.??

by milou_veronica | 01.01.09 ~ 30.04.09

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us by milou_veronica | 30.04.09 ~ 25.05.09

by milou_veronica | 25.05.09 ~ 29.07.09

by velvetb0x | 29.07.09 ~ 24.10.09

by visualwit | 24.10.09 ~ ??.??.??

Christopher Eccleston as Ninth Doctor | by eryslash | 01.01.09 ~ 26.01.09

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Skins Season 3 cast | by eleblack | 26.01.09 ~ 30.04.09

Zachary Quinto/Kristen Bell | by sanzina89 | 30.04.09 ~ 25.05.09

Zachary Quinto | by matricons | 01.07.09 ~ 29.07.09

The Weasleys || 01.01.09 ~ 19.01.09

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Robert Pattinson | by twembachen | 19.01.09 ~ 23.01.09

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Dean & Sam Winchester | by faith_mars | 23.01.09 ~ 01.03.09

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us To be yourself is all that you can do | by eleblack | 01.03.09 ~ 30.03.09

Jack/Kate | by neated | 30.03.09 ~ 15.04.09

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Edward Cullen | by mirandel | 15.04.09 ~ 20.04.09

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Jack/Kate || 20.04.09 ~ 01.07.09

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Chris Pine | by matricons | 01.07.09 ~ 12.09.09

Barney Stinson | by booksfromb0xes | 12.09.09 ~ 17.09.09

Henry/Clare | by kiarina88 | 17.09.09 ~ ??.??.??

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001. Test sui libri
002. Icon meme
003. Fandom meme
004. Questions about Harry Potter
005. Questions about Doctor Who
006. 5 things meme
007. You make my day meme
008. LJ Friends
009. Questions about me
010. Words-per-minute-meme
011. Handwriting meme
012. Photos meme
013. Multi-fandom six-word drabble-fest
014. Questions about a character
015. Ship meme
016. My Life Is A Sitcom
017. Random Questions
018. Which Character of Lost Am I?
019. Random Questions
020. Questions about a character
021. Music Drabble Meme
022. Song Meme
023. OTPs meme
024. Pick-6-icons meme
025. ABC meme
026. Top Fives
027. 5 questions
028. Interest-icon request
029. The ___ to my ___
030. The "I Should Write" Meme
031. Alphabet meme
032. Recasting your life
033. Books meme
034. Dieci anni fa
035. Test di fine anno

● "Là sui monti senza Annette, dove il controllore è sempre figo." by xrevontulix about Holiday Trip to St.Moritz in June '08
● "Vivere è la cosa più rara del mondo. Molta gente esiste e basta." by Oscar Wilde
● "Smoking less sweet little fuckin' legs
living more, not thinking u are alone...
making cakes in any case
but find ur road if u want to go abroad.
" by Sasy for me (Okay this is totally insane)
● "Stasera c'è il Milan....No. Non dovevo parlare." by Gianluca
● "Open up! it's the ghost of christmas future!" by James Sawyer, Lost, s05e01
● "Tu dici / non ho niente / ti sembra niente il sole / la vita / l'amore" (Meraviglioso, Negramaro)

● "Ognuno può vivere di luce propria; basta accendere la luce sopra il sedile." by our school trip bus-driver

● "Matthew (Fox) has elevated crying to an art" (Damon Lindelof)

● "Porca pu**ana quissi [gli Egiziani] pe allenasse li fa rincorre dai leoni... ai nostri je da a magnà la nutella" (Damiano)
● "My two year old [daughter] just told her friend I was Dr. Colon (Cullen) in the movie Toilet (Twilight) lol" (Peter Facinelli @ Twitter)

● "I'm fine. My nose is just overflowing with awesome and I had to get some of it out." (Barney Stinson, s02e11, HIMYM)

● "The whole buzz of the city turns me on. I'm a nighttime kind of guy, so I love going out. I always sense potential in the night-especially during the summer. When the sun's out the girls put on nice dresses. It's like London in the summertime: There's all this energy that's been laying under the earth for eight months of the year that's just been bubbling and cooking until finally it comes out with the sun." (Ed Westwick)

● "Next time you forget you're Blair Waldorf, remember I'm Chuck Bass, and I love you." (Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl s03)

+ Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles | RPF
+ Jonathan Rhys-Meyers/Henry Cavill | RPF
+ Lucas/Cuddy | House MD
+ Michael/Kate | Prison Break/Lost
+ Chuck/Dan | Gossip Girl
+ Nine/Ten | Doctor Who
+ Pandora/Thomas | Skins
+ Freddie/Cook | Skins
+ Vanessa/Chuck | Gossip Girl
+ Spock/Kirk | Star Trek
+ Spock/Uhura | Star Trek
+ Quinn/Finn | Glee
+ Sam/Ruby | Supernatural
+ Dean/Castiel | Supernatural
+ Jack/Sawyer | Lost
+ Mia/Chase | One Tree Hill
+ Brooke/Julian | One Tree Hill
+ Jared Padalecki/Katie Cassidy | Supernatural
+ Lily/Marshall | How I Met Your Mother
+ Barney/Robin | How I Met Your Mother
+ Ted/Robin | How I Met Your Mother
+ Serena/Carter | Gossip Girl
+ Noah/Tracy | Heroes
+ Serena/Tripp | Gossip Girl

01. House M.D., House/Wilson, ITA, "Sto per ucciderti"
02. Doctor Who, Doctor/Jack, ITA, "Three Hearts"
03. Original, Inglese/Tedesco, affinità, ITA, "Vollständig"
04. Harry Potter, Severus Snape, ITA, "L'indigestione"
05. Supernatural, Dean/John, rimorso, ITA
06. Supernatural, Dean/Sam, "Sarai sempre il mio preferito, Sammy.", ITA, "Il figlio preferito"
07. Supernatural, Dean/Sam, ITA, "The invisible man"
08. Harry Potter, Draco/Ginny/Hermione, Per Harry con amore, ITA, "Regali"
09. Harry Potter, James Jr./Teddy, foto di padri, ITA, "Une photo, vieille photo"
10. Harry Potter, Astoria/Draco, ITA, "Sei bambinette andavano a spasso..."
11. RPF, Jared/Jensen, ITA, "Pensieri comuni"
12. Harry Potter, Bellatrix Lestrange, Quando?, ITA, "Elogio alla follia"
13. Heroes, Claire/Peter, ITA, "These violent delights" 1-2-3
14. Original, ITA, "Il Principe del Carnevale"
15. Heroes, ENG, "Brunettes do it better, blonde babes aren't to be underestimated, but..."
16. Harry Potter, Ninfadora Tonks, ITA, "L'armata delle bambole"
17. House MD, Robert Chase, ITA, "Gianduja"
18. Heroes, RPF, ITA, "Broken Strings"
19. Supernatural, Dean/Sam, ITA, "Raffreddore"
20. Grey's Anatomy, Christina/Owen, ITA, "There's no one else to blame"
21. Heroes, Sylar/Elle, ITA, "Full Moon"
22. House, House/Wilson, ITA, "Victorians"
23. Star Trek, Jim T. Kirk, ENG, "How To Avoid Kicking Puppies And Other Valuable Lessons In Leadership"
24. Heroes, Sylar/Elle, ENG, "All the things she's responsible for"
25. RPF, Gossip Girl/Heroes, ITA, "Professional Fangirls"
26. Supernatural, Dean/Sam, ENG, "Death works overtime"
27. Star Trek/Heroes, Spock/Elle, ENG, "A love shock"
28. Heroes, Sylar/Elle, ENG, "Fast cars and fighting run in this family"
29. Gossip Girl, Dan/Serena, ITA, "Every now and then"
30. RPF, Gabe Saporta/Leighton Meester, ITA, "Bad girl go worse"
31. RPF, Ashlee Simpson Wentz/Victoria Asher, ITA, "Kiss And Tell"
32. RPF, Brandon Urie/Ryan Ross, ITA, "I can't be who you are"
33. RPF, Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, ITA, "Red carpet ride"
34. Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, ITA, "Separated from the rest, where i like you the best"
35. Heroes, Sylar/Elle, ENG, "Better Off Not Knowing"
36. Lost, Miles, ENG, "He's His Father's Son"
37. The Tudors, Henry VIII/Charles Brandon, ITA, cavalcare

01. Supernatural: Origins, Issue #1
02. Supernatural: Origins, Issue #2
03. Doctor Who: The Forgotten, Issue #5
04. Doctor Who: The Forgotten, Issue #6
05. Watchmen, Chapter #1
06. Supernatural: Origins, Issue #3
07. Supernatural: Origins, Issue #4
08. Supernatural: Origins, Issue #5
09. Supernatural: Origins, Issue #6
10. Supernatural: Rising Son, Issue #1
11. Supernatural: Rising Son, Issue #2
12. Supernatural: Rising Son, Issue #3
13. Supernatural: Rising Son, Issue #4
14. Supernatural: Rising Son, Issue #5
15. Supernatural: Rising Son, Issue #6

01. I Malavoglia by Giovanni Verga
02. Il fu Mattia Pascal by Luigi Pirandello
03. Kushiel's dart by Jacqueline Carey
04. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
05. The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
06. The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
07. The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery
08. The Island Of The Day Before by Umberto Eco
09. The Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi

(*) already seen

001. St. Trinian's
002. Love Actually
003. Finding Neverland (*)
004. Seven Pounds

005. Deja Vu
006. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

007. Step Up 2 The Streets (*)
008. Hero
009. Twilight (*)
010. Elizabethtown

011. Moulin Rouge!
012. The Covenant

013. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
014. P.s.

015. Edward Scissorhands
016. Star Trek
017. Friday the 13th
018. S. Darko

019. Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince
020. Kung Fu Panda

021. The Other Boleyn Girl
022. Ice Age
023. Ice Age: The Meltdown
024. 27 Dresses
025. Scusa ma ti chiamo amore
026. Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince (*)
027. Where The Heart Is

028. Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs
029. The Time Traveler's Wife

030. Digimon: The Movie
031. Pulp Fiction
032. Ten Inch Hero
033. High School Musical 1 (*)
034. Nightmare Before Christmas

035. Into The Wild
036. Hula Girls
037. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (*)
038. The Ugly Truth

039. He's Just Not That Into You
040. Yes Man
041. The Legend of 1900 (*)
042. Coraline
043. The School Of Rock
044. Stardust
045. The Phantom Of the Opera
046. Vanity Fair
047. The Duchess

001. House M.D., s05e01, Dying Changes Everything
002. House M.D., s05e02, Not Cancer
003. Supernatural, s01e01, Pilot
004. Supernatural, s01e02, Wendigo
005. Supernatural, s01e00, Unaired Pilot
006. Supernatural, s01e03, Dead In The Water
007. Supernatural, s01e04, Phantom Traveler
008. House M.D., s05e03, Adverse Events
009. Supernatural, s01e05, Bloody Mary
010. Supernatural, s01e06, Skin
011. Supernatural, s01e07, Hookman
012. Supernatural, s01e08, Bugs
013. Supernatural, s01e09, Home
014. Supernatural, s01e10, Asylum
015. Supernatural, s01e11, Scarecrow
016. House M.D., s05e04, Birthmarks
017. House M.D., s05e05, Lucky Thirteen
018. Supernatural, s01e12, Faith
019. Supernatural, s01e13, Route 666
020. Supernatural, s01e14, Nightmare
021. Doctor Who Confidential, s05e00, The Eleventh Doctor
022. Grey's Anatomy, s05e11, Wish You Were Here
023. Supernatural, s01e15, The Benders
024. House M.D., s05e06, Joy
025. House M.D., s05e07, The Itch
026. Gossip Girl, s02e14, In the Realm of the Basses
027. Supernatural, s01e16, Shadow
028. Supernatural, s01e17, Hell House
029. Gossip Girl, s02e15, Gone With The Will
030. House M.D., s05e08, Emancipation
031. House M.D., s05e09, Last Resort
032. House M.D., s05e10, Let Them Eat Cake
033. House M.D., s05e11, Joy To The World
034. Grey's Anatomy, s05e12, Sympathy for the Devil
035. Supernatural, s01e18, Something Wicked
036. Supernatural, s01e19, Provenance
037. Supernatural, s01e20, Dead Man's Blood
038. Kyle XY, s02e12, Lockdown
039. Kyle XY, s02e13, Leap Of Faith
049. Supernatural, s01e21, Salvation
050. Supernatural, s01e22, Devil's Trap
051. Kyle XY, s02e14, To C.I.R. With Love
052. Supernatural, s02e01, In My Time Of Dying
053. Private Practice, s02e01, A Family Thing
054. Private Practice, s02e02, Equal And Opposite
055. Supernatural, s02e02, Everybody Loves A Clown
056. Gossip Girl, s02e16, You've Got Yale!
057. Private Practice, s02e03, Nothing To Talk About
058. Private Practice, s02e04, Past Tense
059. Lost, s05e01, Because You Left
060. Lost, s05e02, The Lie
061. Supernatural, s02e03, Bloodlust
062. Private Practice, s02e05, Let It Go
063. Grey's Anatomy, s05e13, Stairway To Heaven
064. Skins, s03e01, Everyone
065. Supernatural, s02e04, Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
066. Private Practice, s02e06, Serving Two Masters
067. Private Practice, s02e07, Tempting Faith
068. Supernatural, s02e05, Simon Said
069. Lost, s05e03, Jughead

070. Skins, s03e02, Cook
071. Supernatural, s02e06, No Exit
072. Supernatural, s02e07, The Usual Suspects
073. Private Practice, s02e08, Crime And Punishment
074. Private Practice, s02e09, Know When To Fold
075. Private Practice, s02e10, Worlds Apart
076. Private Practice, s02e11, Contamination
077. Private Practice, s02e12, Homeward Bound
078. Private Practice, s02e13, Nothing To Fear
079. Private Practice, s02e14, Second Chances
080. Gossip Girl, s02e18, Carrnal Knowledge
081. Grey's Anatomy, s05e15, Beat Your Heart Out
082. Lost, s05e04, The Little Prince
083. Private Practice, s02e15, Acceptance
084. Skins, s03e03, Thomas
085. Lost, s05e05, This Place Is Death
086. Kyle XY, s02e15, The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades
087. Skins, s03e04, Pandora
088. Grey's Anatomy, s05e15, Before And After
089. Private Practice, s02e16, Ex-Life
090. Supernatural, a02e08, Crossroad Blues
091. Supernatural, s02e09, Croatoan
092. Lost, s05e06, 316
093. Supernatural, s02e10, Hunted
094. Skins, s03e05, Freddie
095. Grey's Anatomy, s05e16, An Honest Mistake
096. Lost, s05e07, The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham
097. Kyle XY, s02e16, Great Expectations

098. Skins, s03e06, Naomi
099. Lost, s05e08, LaFleur
100. Supernatural, s02e11, Playthings
101. Gossip Girl, s02e18, The Age Of Dissodance
102. Grey's Anatomy, s05e17, I Will Follow You Into The Dark
103. Grey's Anatomy, s05e18, Stand By Me
104. Lost, s05e09, Namaste
105. Gossip Girl, s02e19, The Grandfather
106. Skins, s03e07, JJ
107. Lost, s05e10, He's Our You
108. Grey's Anatomy, s05e19, Elevator Love Letter
109. Supernatural, s02e12, Nightshifter
110. Private Practice, s02e17, Wait And See

111. Private Practice, s02e18, Finishing
112. Gossip Girl, s02e20, Remains Of The J
113. Lost, s05e11, What Happened, Happened
114. Skins, s03e08, Effy
115. Skins, s03e09, Katie And Emily
116. Skins, s03e10, Finale
117. Kyle XY, s02e17, Grounded
118. Lost, s05e12, Dead Is Dead
119. Private Practice, s02e19, What Women Want
120. Prison Break, s04e17, The Mother Lode
121. Doctor Who, s05e00a, Planet Of The Dead
122. Lost, s05e13, Some Like It Hoth
123. Supernatural, s02e13, Houses Of The Holy
124. Private Practice, s02e20, Do The Right Thing
125. Kyle XY, s02e18, Between The Rack And A Hard Place
126. Kyle XY, s02e19, First Cut Is The Deepest
127. Gossip Girl, s02e21, Seder Anything
128. Prison Break, s05e18, VS
129. Grey's Anatomy, s05e20, Sweet Surrender
130. Private Practice, s02e21, What You Do For Love
131. One Tree Hill, s05e01, 4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days
132. Doctor Who, s01e01, Rose (*)
133. Kyle XY, s02e20, Primary Colors
134. Krod Mandoon, s01e02, Golden Powers
135. One Tree Hill, s05e02, Racing Like A Pro
136. Gossip Girl, s02e22, Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
137. One Tree Hill, s05e03, My Way Home Is Through You
138. One Tree Hill, s05e04, It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
139. Lost, s05e14, The Variable

140. One Tree Hill, s05e05, I Forgot To Remember To Forget
141. Kyle XY, s02e21, Grey Matters
142. One Tree Hill, s05e06, Don't Dream It's Over
143. Grey's Anatomy, s05e21, No Good At Saying Sorry
144. Private Practice, s02e22, Yours, Mine And Ours
145. Kyle XY, s02e22, Hello
146. One Tree Hill, s05e07, In Da Club
147. One Tree Hill, s05e08, Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
148. One Tree Hill, s05e09, For Tonight You're Only Here To Know
149. One Tree Hill, s05e10, Running To Stand Still
150. Prison Break, s04e19, Son Of A Bitch (S.O.B.)
151. Kyle XY, s02e23, I've Had The Time Of My Life
152. One Tree Hill, s05e11, You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
153. One Tree Hill, s05e12, Hundred
154. One Tree Hill, s05e13, Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace
155. One Tree Hill, s05e14, What Do You Go Home To
156. Kyle XY, s03e01, It Happened One Night
157. One Tree Hill, s05e15, Life Is Short
158. One Tree Hill, s05e16, Cryin' Won't Help You Now
159. Gossip Girl, s02e23, The Wrath Of Con
160. One Tree Hill, s05e17, Hate Is Safer Than Love
161. One Tree Hill, s05e18, What Comes After The Blues
162. One Tree Hill, s06e01, Touch Me I'm Going To Scream
163. Lost, s05e15, Follow The Leader (1) (2)
164. Grey's Anatomy, s05e22, What A Difference A Day Makes
165. Krod Mandoon, s01e04, O Biclops Where Art Thou
166. Prison Break, s04e20, Cowboys And Indians
167. Supernatural, s02e14, Born Under A Bad Sign
168. Supernatural, s02e15, Tall Tales
169. Supernatural, s02e16, Road Kill
170. Supernatural, s02e17, Heart
171. Gossip Girl, s02e24, Valley Girls
172. Lost, s05 special, A Journey In Time
173. Lost, s05e16, The Incident
174. Lost, s05e17, The Incident
175. Grey's Anatomy, s05e23, Here's To The Future
176. Grey's Anatomy, s05e24, Now Or Never
177. Prison Break, s04e21, Rate Of Exchange
178. Prison Break, s04e22, Killing Your Number
179. Gossip Girl, s02e25, The Goodbye Gossip Girl

180. Prison Break, s04e23, The Old Ball And Chain
181. Prison Break, s04e24, Free
182. Prison Break, s02e13a, The Road To Freedom (Special)
183. Supernatural, s02e18, Hollywood Babylon
184. Kyle XY, s03e02, Psychic Friend
185. Kyle XY, s03e03, Electric Kiss

186. Supernatural, s02e19, Folsom Prison Blues
187. Supernatural, s02e20, What Is And What Should Never Be
188. Supernatural, s02e21, All Hell Breaks Loose part 1
189. Torchwood, s03e01, Day One
190. Supernatural, s02e22, All Hell Breaks Loose part 2
191. Supernatural, s03e01, The Magnificent Seven
192. Supernatural, s03e02, The Kids Are Alright
193. Glee, s01e01, Pilot
194. Torchwood, s03e02, Day Two
195. Torchwood, s03e03, Day Three
196. Torchwood, s03e04, Day Four
197. Torchwood, s03e05, Day Five
198. Kyle XY, s03e04, In The Company Of Men
199. Supernatural, s03e03, Bad Day At Black Rock
200. Supernatural, s03e04, Sin City
201. Supernatural, s03e05, Bedtime Stories
202. Supernatural, s03e06, Red Sky At Morning
203. Supernatural, s03e07, Fresh Blood
204. Supernatural, s03e08, A Very Supernatural Christmas
205. Supernatural, s03e09, Malleus Maleficarum
206. Supernatural, s03e10, Dream A Little Dream Of Me
207. Supernatural, s03e11, Mystery Spot
208. Supernatural, s03e12, Jus In Bello
209. Kyle XY, s03e05, Life Support
210. Supernatural, s03e13, Ghostfacers
211. Supernatural, s03e14, Long Distance Call
212. Supernatural, s03e15, Time Is On My Side
213. Supernatural, s03e16, No Rest For The Wicked
214. Supernatural, s04e01, Lazarus Rising
215. Kyle XY, s03e06, Rush
216. Kyle XY, s03e07, Chemistry 101
217. Supernatural, s04e02, Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
218. Supernatural, s04e03, In the Beginning
219. Kyle XY, s03e08, Tell-Tale Heart
220. Supernatural, s04e04, Metamorphosis
221. Kyle XY, s03e09, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
222. Kyle XY, s03e10, Bringing Down The House
223. One Tree Hill, s06e02, One Million Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday Morning
224. One Tree Hill, s06e03, Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly
225. One Tree Hill, s06e04, Bridge Over Troubled Water
226. One Tree Hill, s06e05, You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It
227. One Tree Hill, s06e06, Choosing My Own Way Of Life
228. One Tree Hill, s06e07, Messin' With The Kid
229. One Tree Hill, s06e08, Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe
230. One Tree Hill, s06e09, Sympathy For The Devil
231. Supernatural, s04e05, Monster Movie
232. Supernatural, s04e06, Yellow Fever

233. Lost, s01e01, Pilot Part 1 (*)
234. Lost, s01e02, Pilot Part 2 (*)
235. Lost, s01e03, Tabula Rasa (*)
236. Lost, s01e04, Walkabout (*)
237. Lost, s01e05, White Rabbit (*)
238. Lost, s01e06, House Of The Rising Sun (*)
239. Lost, s01e07, The Moth (*)
240. Lost, s01e08, Confidence Man (*)
241. Lost, s01e09, Solitary
242. Lost, s01e10, Raised By Another (*)
243. Lost, s01e11, All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues (*)
244. One Tree Hill, s06e10, Even Fairytale Characters Would Be Jealous
245. Heroes, s03e14, A Clear And Present Danger
246. Heroes, s03e15, Trust And Blood
247. Lost, s01e12, Whatever The Case May Be
248. Lost, s01e13, Hearts And Minds
249. Lost, s01e14, Special (*)
250. Lost, s01e15, Homecoming (*)
251. Lost, s01e16, Outlaws
252. Supernatural, s04e07, It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
253. Supernatural, s04e08, Wishful Thinking
254. Supernatural, s04e09, I Know What You Did Last Summer
255. Supernatural, s04e10, Heaven And Hell
256. Supernatural, s04e11, Family Remains
257. Supernatural, s04e12, Criss Angel Is A Douche Bag
258. Supernatural, s04e13, Afterschool Special
259. Supernatural, s04e14, Sex And Violence
260. Supernatural, s04e15, Death Takes A Holiday
261. Heroes, s03e16, Building 26
262. Supernatural, s04e16, On The Head Of A Pin
263. Supernatural, s04e17, It's A Terrible Life
264. Heroes, s03e17, Cold Wars
265. Heroes, s03e18, Exposed
266. Supernatural, s04e18, This Monster At The End Of This Book
267. Supernatural, s04e19, Jump The Shark
268. Supernatural, s04e20, The Rapture
269. Supernatural, s04e21, When The Levee Breaks
270. Supernatural, s04e22, Lucifer Rising
271. Heroes, s03e19, Shades of Gray
272. Heroes, s03e20, Cold Snap
273. Lost, s01e17, ...In Translation
274. One Tree Hill, s06e11, We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)
275. One Tree Hill, s06e12, You Have Got To Be Kidding Me (Anatomy Of The Devil's Brain)
276. One Tree Hill, s06e13, Things A Mama Don't Know
277. Heroes, s03e21, Into Asylum
278. Heroes, s03e22, Turn And Face The Strange
279. Heroes, s03e23, 1961
280. Heroes, s03e24, I Am Sylar
281. Heroes, s03e25, An Invisible Thread
282. One Tree Hill, s06e14, A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene
283. One Tree Hill, s06e15, We Change, We Wait
284. Lost, s01e18, Numbers (*)
285. One Tree Hill, s06e16, Screenwriter's Blues
286. Lost, s01e19, Deus Ex Machina (*)

287. How I Met Your Mother, s01e01, Pilot
288. How I Met Your Mother, s01e02, Purple Giraffe
289. How I Met Your Mother, s01e03, Sweet Taste Of Liberty
290. How I Met Your Mother, s01e04, Return Of The Shirt
291. How I Met Your Mother, s01e05, Okay Awesome
292. How I Met Your Mother, s01e06, Slutty Pumpkin
293. How I Met Your Mother, s01e07, Matchmaker
294. How I Met Your Mother, s01e08, The Duel
295. How I Met Your Mother, s01e09, Belly Full Of Turkey
296. How I Met Your Mother, s01e10, The Pineapple Incident
297. How I Met Your Mother, s01e11, The Limo
298. How I Met Your Mother, s01e12, The Wedding
299. How I Met Your Mother, s01e13, Drumroll, Please
300. How I Met Your Mother, s01e14, Zip, Zip, Zip
301. How I Met Your Mother, s01e15, Game Night
302. How I Met Your Mother, s01e16, Cupcake
303. One Tree Hill, s04e17, You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight
304. One Tree Hill, s04e18, Searching For A Former Clarity
305. One Tree Hill, s04e19, Letting Go
306. One Tree Hill, s04e20, I Would For You
307. One Tree Hill, s04e21, A Kiss To Build A Dream On
308. One Tree Hill, s04e22, Show Me How To Live
309. One Tree Hill, s04e23, Always And Almost Forever
310. One Tree Hill, s04e24, Remember Me As A Time Of Day
311. Harper's Island, s01e01, Whap
312. Harper's Island, s01e02, Crackle
313. How I Met Your Mother, s01e17, Life Among The Gorillas
314. How I Met Your Mother, s01e18, Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.
315. How I Met Your Mother, s01e19, Mary The Paralegal
316. How I Met Your Mother, s01e20, Best Prom Ever
317. How I Met Your Mother, s01e21, Milk
318. How I Met Your Mother, s01e22, Come On
319. How I Met Your Mother, s02e01, Where were we?
320. How I Met Your Mother, s02e02, The Scorpion And The Toad
321. How I Met Your Mother, s02e03, Brunch
322. How I Met Your Mother, s02e04, Ted Mosby: Architect
323. How I Met Your Mother, s02e05, World's Greatest Couple
324. How I Met Your Mother, s02e06, Aldrin Justice
325. How I Met Your Mother, s02e07, Swarley
326. How I Met Your Mother, s02e08, Atlantic City
327. How I Met Your Mother, s02e09, Slap Bet
328. Glee, s01e02, Showmance
329. How I Met Your Mother, s02e10, Single Stamina
330. How I Met Your Mother, s02e11, How Lily Stole Christmas
331. How I Met Your Mother, s02e12, First Time In New York
332. Supernatural, s05e01, Symphathy For The Devil
333. The Vampire Diaries, s01e01, Pilot
334. How I Met Your Mother, s02e13, Columns
335. Harper's Island, s01e03, Ka-Blam
336. Harper's Island, s01e04, Bang
337. How I Met Your Mother, s02e14, Monday Night Football
338. How I Met Your Mother, s02e15, Lucky Penny
339. How I Met Your Mother, s02e16, Stuff
340. Gossip Girl, s03e01, Reversals Of Fortune
341. One Tree Hill, s07e01, 4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)
342. How I Met Your Mother, s02e17, Arrivederci, Fiero
343. Glee, s01e03, Acafellas
344. The Vampire Diaries, s01e02, The Night Of The Comet
345. Supernatural, s05e02, Good God Y'All
346. Gossip Girl, s03e02, The Freshman
347. Heroes, s04e01, Orientation
348. Heroes, s04e02, Jump, Push, Fall
349. One Tree Hill, s07e02, What Are You Willing To Lose
350. Glee, s01e04, Preggers
351. Supernatural, s05e03, Free To Be You And Me
352. Grey's Anatomy, s06e01, Good Mourning
353. Grey's Anatomy, s06e02, Goodbye
354. The Vampire Diaries, s01e03, Friday Night Bites

355. Glee, s01e05, The Rhodes Not Taken
356. Supernatural, s05e04, The End
357. The Vampire Diaries, s01e04, Family Ties
358. How I Met Your Mother, s02e18, Moving Day
359. Private Practice, s03e01, A Death In The Family
360. Grey's Anatomy, s06e03, I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me
361. Glee, s01e06, Vitamin D
362. Gossip Girl, s03e03, The Lost Boy
363. How I Met Your Mother, s02e19, Bachelor Party
364. Harper's Island, s01e05, Thwack
365. Glee, s01e07, Throwdown
366. Grey's Anatomy, s06e04, Tainted Obligation

367. Grey's Anatomy, s06e05, Invasion
368. Private Practice, s03e02, The Way We Were
369. Private Practice, s03e03, Right Here, Right Now
370. Grey's Anatomy, s06e06, I Saw What I Saw
371. How I Met Your Mother, s02e20, Showdown
372. How I Met Your Mother, s02e21, Something Borrowed
373. How I Met Your Mother, s02e22, Something Blue
374. How I Met Your Mother, s03e01, Wait For It
375. Supernatural, s05e05, Fallen Idol
376. The Vampire Diaries, s01e05, You're Undead To Me
377. Doctor Who, s04e16, Waters of Mars (special)
378. Glee, s01e08, Mash-Up
379. Glee, s01e09, Wheels
380. The Vampire Diaries, s01e06, Lost Girls
381. Boris, s01e01, Il mio primo giorno
382. Glee, s01e10, Ballads
383. Harper's Island, s01e06, Sploosh

384. Glee, s01e11, Hairography
385. Harper's Island, s01e07, Thrack, Splack, Sizzle
386. Harper's Island, s01e08, Gurgle
387. Harper's Island, s01e09, Seep
389. Harper's Island, s01e10, Snap
390. Harper's Island, s01e11, Splash
391. Harper's Island, s01e12, Gasp
392. Harper's Island, s01e13, Sigh
393. Glee, s01e12, Once Upon A Mattress
394. How I Met Your Mother, s03e02, We're Not From Here
395. The Vampire Diaries, s01e07, Haunted
396. The Vampire Diaries, s01e08, 162 Candles
397. Glee, s01e13, Sectionals
398. The Vampire Diaries, s01e09, History Repeating
399. The Vampire Diaries, s01e10, The Turning Point
400. Gossip Girl, s03e04, Dan De Fleurette
401. How I Met Your Mother, s03e03, Third Wheel
402. Gossip Girl, s03e05, Rufus Getting Married
403. Gossip Girl, s03e06, Enough About Eve
404. Gossip Girl, s03e07, How To Succeed In Bassness
405. Gossip Girl, s03e08, The Grandfather: Part II
406. Gossip Girl, s03e09, They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?
407. Gossip Girl, s03e10, The Last Days Of Disco Stick
408. Gossip Girl, s03e11, The Treasure Of Serena Madre
409. Gossip Girl, s03e12, The Debarted
410. How I Met Your Mother, s03e04, Little Boys
411. How I Met Your Mother, s03e05, How I Met Everyone Else
412. How I Met Your Mother, s03e06, I'm Not That Guy
413. How I Met Your Mother, s03e07, Dowisetrepla
414. How I Met Your Mother, s03e08, Spoiler Alert
415. How I Met Your Mother, s03e09, Slapsgiving
416. How I Met Your Mother, s03e10, The Yips
417. Supernatural, s05e06, I Believe The Children Are Our Future
418. Supernatural, s05e07, The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester
419. Supernatural, s05e08, Changing Channels
420. Supernatural, s05e09, The Real Ghostbusters
421. Supernatural, s05e10, Abandon All Hope...
422. How I Met Your Mother, s03e11, The Platinum Rule
423. Heroes, s04e03, Ink
424. Heroes, s04e04, Acceptance
425. Heroes, s04e05, Hysterical Blindness
426. Heroes, s04e06, Tabula Rasa
427. Heroes, s04e07, Strange Attractors
428. How I Met Your Mother, s03e12, No Tomorrow
429. How I Met Your Mother, s03e13, Ten Sessions

# Jared Padalecki
# Jensen Ackles
# Zachary Quinto
# Kristen Bell
# Andy Samberg
# Hal Ozsan
# Misha Collins
# Katie Cassidy
# Matthew Morrison
# Gerard Butler

● The Pussycat Dolls - I Hate This Part
● Monrose - What you don't know
● Jovanotti - Ragazzo Fortunato
● Kanye West - Love Lockdown
● The Fray (album) - The Fray
● Three Days Grace - Over and Over
● Artisti Uniti Per L'Abruzzo - Domani 21/04/09
● Lady Gaga - Poker Face, Paper Gangsta, Paparazzi
● Joel & Luke
● Daughtry - Feels Like Tonight, It's Not Over
● The Script
● Glee Cast (Journey Cover) - Don't Stop Believing

Skins Season 3 Uncut Trailer
House M.D. - Cast On Picking Up Each Others Acting Styles
House M.D. - Cast On Future For Characters
Michael & Kate Love Story
Urban Jungle: L'Emo
Urban Jungle: Il Discotecaro
Multi-Ship - I hate this part
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer
The O.C. ITA - Dice
Lost/Doctor Who ENG - Don't Blink
New Who - Cast&Crew
Twilight Parody by Hummpy
HP HBP English Language Official Trailer
Fight For Kisses
Jared Padalecki, Say Love
JRM @ Energie
SPN, What's a slash fan?
EffWard - I Would Die For You
Foxy On Jimmy Kimmel Media
The Griffins - Bird Is The Word
Heroes RPF
Rob and Kristen's almost-kiss
Matthew Fox LOST Blooper
Hitler gets angry over LOST finale
ABC - Hurley dances to Womanizer
ABC - Charlie, Derek and the Foosball
ABC: Jack and Susan
ABC: Amanda, Mark and Hurley
ABC: Altogether in the House
Syelle: Tears of An Angel
Twilight Trailer featuring Sylar & Elle
Elle/Everyone - Radar
Spock/Kirk - Don't Stop Believing
The Time Traveler's Wife Trailer - Sawyer/Kate version
John Barrowman & David Tennant Kiss At San Diego Comic Con's
Chuck & Blair: The Movie
j2 KISS!
Elle Bishop - A Slow Dying Flower
Shirtless SPN guys dancing
Jawyer - Over the Rainbow
Brokeback island

● Coldplay's 08/31 Concert Ticket
● Little black ribboned purse
● Cherry-coloured sweater
● Light blue sweater
● Black shirt
● Jeans
● Fahrenheit 451
● White Carpisa purse
● Short-sleeved blue shirt
● White/Pink shirt
● Purple bra
● Cream concealer
● Various shirts
● Jeans shorts
● Jeans skirt
● Dark-grey skirt
● The Time Traveler's Wife
● Puma sweater
● Black micropile sweater
● Black Champion bumbag
● Violet skirt
● Jeans dress
● Black and violet nail polish
● Violet nail polish
● Union Jacked milk cup

Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who announced
Portfolio opening
School Trip to Trieste
● Snow! (02/18-19)
● Goodbye, Auntie ♥
● Portfolio now closed. By Forumfree, not by me, but it's ok. I wouldn't have had time for it.
First 100 photos from New Moon
Open Day SSLMIT Forlì
● Terremoto a L'Aquila
● Official translator on Italian Subs Addicted
● New Moon Trailer
● Cena dei quinti (06/10)
● Oral exam (07/13)
● Rome (07/14-17)
Ancona with martu89
● Tesora @ home (08/01-07)
● San Martino di Castrozza (08/09-14)
● Bolsena (08/14-23)
● Trieste (09/01)
● Forlì (09/03-04)
● Final destination: Forlì (09/16)
● Moving to Forlì (09/27)
Cioccoshow, Bologna

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